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Malaysian TV Channel :TV Al-Hijrah

Malaysian Islamic tv channel to be watched..

I was on two weeks holiday one week ago and I spent most of the time at home, so I got the opportunity to watch one of the Malaysian TV channel, TV AL-Hijrah.  It is the latest free-to-air television network in Malaysia which was just launched more than 1 year ago, in December 2010.  Currently this tv channel broadcasts via UHF to only certain areas in Malaysia and still in the process of installing the transmission to other areas as well. 

         Before the 'advent' of TV Hijrah, Muslims in Malaysia can watch Islamic tv programme via isolated programmme in various other TV channels like TV1, TV2, TV3, TV9 and also via Astro. Astro is one of the most popular tv satellite in Malaysia which has its own Islamic TV programme, Astro Oasis.  However, not all Muslims have the chance to watch it because it is a paid  tv and not free to air.  Hence, TV Hijrah was introduced and now all Muslims are able to watch it free, by using normal tv satellite.  From the time it started to broadcast until now, a lot of improvements has been made and it has received a lot of positive reviews from the people and also, the viewers has increased day by day.

           TV AL-Hijrah broadcasts about Islam in various aspects of life.This includes the Islamic education programme, science, music, drama, business, documentary, arts, history and various other things.  In all the programmes, they show how Islam is incorporated into life and how it works to lead a better life environment.

   I remember one programme I watched, about science.  It relates science with what has mentioned in Al-Quran and explained that every creation in this life has their own reasons.  Everything that God (Allah) creates have their own value and reason for existence which we sometimes never think of or appreciate.  Another programme I watched was about The Theory of Evolution by Darwin. In one theory about human evolution, he claims that human originates from apes species, which is very difficult to accept since we us know that the first human ever is Adam, and then Eve.  So, how come human origins go back to an ape,something like a monkey.  Definitely there is much difference between human,the best creation in the universe and animal.  I myself know this is wrong but I do not know the reason,and never know how the theory can be accepted so by many poeple, even famous people in the period of so many years.  After watching that programme, I have some idea how this is happened.  It is a fraud,and a manipulation of the discovery. More explanation about this you can found in website Harun Yahya.

        Other than that, TV AL-Hijrah also broadcasts about Islam in various countries, how people in different countries and culture practices Islam, despite different environment and the acceptance of Islam itself in that country.  It is nice and interesting to know what people in the other side of the world do in order to practices Islam in life in their own way, but still according to the syarak (Islamic Religios views).  I also watched programme about foods, the halal foods and various cooking styles,different recipes and cuisine available all over the world.

          There is a programme about success story of Muslim people, who maybe poor in money,but rich in heart and dreams.  They maybe just ordinary people,with modest life style but still succeed in their own way.Surely, these people have a very strong faith in God and also the ones who never miss Islam in their life.  Not to forget, there are slot for history of the prophet Rasulullah, his friends and other great, important figures in Islamic history.  Apart fom this,TV Hijrah not only shows about Islam, but also some other things by people from other religions which are useful, beneficial and the lessons from it can be followed.  There are some educational and documentary by non Muslim people but the facts that the input form the programme are so good.

Hence,I personally say this is the best tv programme if you must watch tv, in Malaysia only. hehe..I'm not a  televison admirer but I do watch it sometimes in free time.  If the programme is useful and the knowledge from it can help me to improve in many things,why not..

Thank you.

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