Thursday, August 21, 2014

Malaysian TV Channel :TV Al-Hijrah

Malaysian Islamic tv channel to be watched..

I was on two weeks holiday one week ago and I spent most of the time at home, so I got the opportunity to watch one of the Malaysian TV channel, TV AL-Hijrah.  It is the latest free-to-air television network in Malaysia which was just launched more than 1 year ago, in December 2010.  Currently this tv channel broadcasts via UHF to only certain areas in Malaysia and still in the process of installing the transmission to other areas as well. 

         Before the 'advent' of TV Hijrah, Muslims in Malaysia can watch Islamic tv programme via isolated programmme in various other TV channels like TV1, TV2, TV3, TV9 and also via Astro. Astro is one of the most popular tv satellite in Malaysia which has its own Islamic TV programme, Astro Oasis.  However, not all Muslims have the chance to watch it because it is a paid  tv and not free to air.  Hence, TV Hijrah was introduced and now all Muslims are able to watch it free, by using normal tv satellite.  From the time it started to broadcast until now, a lot of improvements has been made and it has received a lot of positive reviews from the people and also, the viewers has increased day by day.

           TV AL-Hijrah broadcasts about Islam in various aspects of life.This includes the Islamic education programme, science, music, drama, business, documentary, arts, history and various other things.  In all the programmes, they show how Islam is incorporated into life and how it works to lead a better life environment.

   I remember one programme I watched, about science.  It relates science with what has mentioned in Al-Quran and explained that every creation in this life has their own reasons.  Everything that God (Allah) creates have their own value and reason for existence which we sometimes never think of or appreciate.  Another programme I watched was about The Theory of Evolution by Darwin. In one theory about human evolution, he claims that human originates from apes species, which is very difficult to accept since we us know that the first human ever is Adam, and then Eve.  So, how come human origins go back to an ape,something like a monkey.  Definitely there is much difference between human,the best creation in the universe and animal.  I myself know this is wrong but I do not know the reason,and never know how the theory can be accepted so by many poeple, even famous people in the period of so many years.  After watching that programme, I have some idea how this is happened.  It is a fraud,and a manipulation of the discovery. More explanation about this you can found in website Harun Yahya.

        Other than that, TV AL-Hijrah also broadcasts about Islam in various countries, how people in different countries and culture practices Islam, despite different environment and the acceptance of Islam itself in that country.  It is nice and interesting to know what people in the other side of the world do in order to practices Islam in life in their own way, but still according to the syarak (Islamic Religios views).  I also watched programme about foods, the halal foods and various cooking styles,different recipes and cuisine available all over the world.

          There is a programme about success story of Muslim people, who maybe poor in money,but rich in heart and dreams.  They maybe just ordinary people,with modest life style but still succeed in their own way.Surely, these people have a very strong faith in God and also the ones who never miss Islam in their life.  Not to forget, there are slot for history of the prophet Rasulullah, his friends and other great, important figures in Islamic history.  Apart fom this,TV Hijrah not only shows about Islam, but also some other things by people from other religions which are useful, beneficial and the lessons from it can be followed.  There are some educational and documentary by non Muslim people but the facts that the input form the programme are so good.

Hence,I personally say this is the best tv programme if you must watch tv, in Malaysia only. hehe..I'm not a  televison admirer but I do watch it sometimes in free time.  If the programme is useful and the knowledge from it can help me to improve in many things,why not..

Thank you.

-3 years ago, by notcar99-


My Good Experience Today

Have You Ever Help An Elderly Person Cross The Road?

Today, I went to the groceries to buy some stuffs but to go there, I need to cross the road. On my way there, I saw an elderly Chinese male with a stick on his right hand was already halfway ahead of me. It was a two-way road, with a divider in the centre. When I was just about to cross the road he was already on another side. What surprised me that he walked so slowly and took a small step each time. Initially I thought he was having Parkinsonian like gait but unlikely.

Then I saw another car came from the nearby junction. He looked hesitant to continue crossing as if thinking 'want to cross or not' and then he stopped in the middle of the road. He just stopped there for a moment. The front car in the same speed but I know the driver would slow down if he get nearer and allow the old man to walk first. But I'm quite worried so I hurried toward him and help him to cross. His pace was very slow and definitely was not a normal one. Maybe had a previous stroke, well I don't know. I followed his slow pace, then taking a small stairs and let him go when I satisfied. Maybe he went to some Chinese restaurant or shop I'm not so sure.

What came to my mind was, did he have to do this so many times? With nobody to accompany him? I wonder if he stays on the neighborhood area opposite the road side. Even I myself don't like to cross that road to go to the shops, because cars there are always driven so fast. And usually that road passed by lots of cars. I always make sure to turn right and left well enough and walk very fast. Maybe that time was just before noon, so not much cars pass by. But still, road is a dangerous spot, which is well- known for accident , not only among the drivers, but also the passers-by. Accident is preventable if everyone follows the rule..

Actually deep inside, I felt so happy to help him. This is my first time helping people cross the road, someone whom I don't know, and it just happened like that- action in seconds. Without much thinking but using a common sense. lol.. Still, a very good experience for me. 

-by NOTCAR99-


My Story About Enid Blyton

My funny and weird story about Enid Blyton..

                   I remember  when I was in primary school, I love to read storybook very much, especially those about mystery and adventures. I was thrilled to read story about a group of friends who went for a holiday or some outdoor activities somewhere,then engaged  themselves in a mysterious situation where they become ‘detective’. So heroic .That kind of stories make me dream , if I ever experiencing the same situation where I need to be a heroine, to save the poor ones.. 

         One of my favourite storybook  was The Famous Five series written by Enid Blyton. There were a lot of her collections in my school library, so whenever I got a chance to go to the library, I would read the books. Sometimes, I would just borrow it. The surprising thing was that, I read so many of her books yet I never knew  that her real name was Enid Blyton!! Not until a few years after that. Why?? Because,when I saw the author’s name on the front cover of the book, it was written in fancy fonts. The alphabet was continuous with one another. I couldn’t figure out each single alphabet. My eyes read  ‘Enid’ as ‘Guild’. Strange, isn’t it?? But that was the reality. Since Enid Blyton is such a famous author, I’ve heard about her name before. So, I thought this 'Guild Blyton' could be her siblings. Only years after that,or maybe when I started my secondary school I realised my mistake. All these while, I thought 'Guild Blyton' was the author of the books I read, not knowing that the name never exist. Since then, I have to reset my mind and brain about the fact. It it not easy to change something which you believed for long. Even until now sometimes, I still think that Guild Blyton is the author. :-D

                   How did I find out my mistake? I  found the same book series with same title but the book has  different cover and publication language. It was in English. Back then,the same series I read was published in Malay language. So I looked at the writer’s name. It was Enid, not Guild. And,actually I never came across the name Guild Blyton anywhere other than that I used to before. In addition,when I asked some of my friends about any writer  by the name Guild Blyton, none of them said yes. So,this strengthened the fact that I was wrong. When I think back, I feel that was funny, and so pity of me. But of course,my friends just laughed when I told them about this. For years I read her books and I keep wondering so many times about this 'Guild' name. I have uncleared doubt and uncertainty with me, but I tried to assure myself that I might be right.

               And  worse than that,I thought that she is ‘he’. Well,Enid sounds like a male name for me. Just until recently I realised my mistake. So,the lesson I learnt was, if we have any doubt, don’t just let them be. We have to ask, or searching anywhere for the answer. It never hurts just  by asking  people to clarify our doubt about something. Sometimes we don’t bother about it because we don’t think it is important, or maybe it is not our concern. But the ugly truth is,we always assumed we are  right in fact we are wrong. And it can be a lifetime mistake...

--by NOTCAR99-

I May Not Be Your First

I remember a novel I read. 

A guy loved his previous lover very much and it's difficult to accept a new girl who came into his life.
He was terribly heartbroken and separated unwillingly with his previous love.
He was afraid to fall in love again and tried to deny his growing feeling towards a new girl who light up his life .
He let his own best friend take the girl but feel jealous inside, struggling to keep himself cool.
Can he cool down himself doing that??--No..of course not..
Finally he followed his heart's will and confessed to the girl.

And the girl said, "I may not be your first, but I really want to be your last'.

So sweet.. that's make me our first ones that important, until we forget to enjoy the remaining part our lives? There's much more untouched happiness waiting ahead. Never lose hope. The first is always memorable but that doesn't mean our second is no good at all. In fact, it's frequent that our second or next experience would be much better. Because we learn from past experience and trying to improve it. Hence give ourselves a chance, to live happier with what we have around us, and always be grateful. 

-by NOTCAR99-

I Want To Be Your First

Ever have this dream- I want be his or her first..

How nice it feels to be someone's first. The feeling can't be compared to having someone's ex. ahah..Before that, please..
Don't take this as an insult or discouragement. What has happened, already happened, forget it and move on. Take it as a life-lesson,to make us becoming better and mature. For the starters, seek knowledge and prepare yourself to face the challenging world.

Want to be the first..


The tip is control your heart. From the young age. From the earliest time possible. That means you must have a focus and goal in life.

Put important things first. Avoid distractions. Achieve your dream. Gain more knowledge.

Once you get ready and stable, and think you're able to guide other person in your life,--look for it, and try to be definite.

Yeah, I'm going to make him/her as my lifetime partner-husband/wife. Not just a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Actually, while work on your dream, you should start to pray to HIM, to give you the soulmate you want.

Later, you will realise all the patience, sacrifices, perseverance are well paid..
You will feel more satisfied, grateful and special..
Be patient, work hard, and never give up.

If many people are actually doing/practising this, the chances that they're going to be the first to someone is high... -smile-

-by NOTCAR99-